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The Fitness Trends are Changing

The various methods to polish our silhouette and Get Active, Get Healthy and Get Fit, concerns millions all over the world. People no longer have the time or the money to spend on expensive gym memberships or hours to achieve their desired goals. As exercise programs develop and new crazes are launched, the workout industry offers brand new trends for everyone to experience regardless of their level of fitness. Now, everyone has the chance to look fabulous and adopt a healthy lifestyle. No excuses. From the weight training programs, to the enjoyable and fun exercises that combine dance, calisthenics, high intensity cardio and pilates, to the more relaxing yoga-type workouts, they all do miracles with our physical and mental conditioning.

However, please remember going to the gym is not for everyone and not the only way that you can keep fit; making the right decision that fits you may be challenging and may require lots of trial and error.  If you are unsure of which Health and Fitness Lifestyle choice best suits you, a personal trainer can be instrumental in helping you find your way. A healthier way of living is the most valuable gift you can give to yourself.

*** Before you spend your hard earned money on a gym membership and/or personal trainer, I invite you to contact me for a free 15 minute consultation first. Let me help guide you into making the best decision that accommodates your lifestyle needs.

 The Importance of a Personal Trainer:

  • Provide specialized training techniques and modalities catered to your needs, interests and skills based on your individual assessment.
  • Personalized exercise programming specifically designed to empower you, and help you develop practical skills needed to manage a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Provide nutritional counseling which includes teaching weight management techniques and lifestyle management skills.
  • Help motivate you for a higher standard of living and improving your quality of life.

The Fit Mission

Exploring exercise options and the right nutrition habits that are catered to your needs and interests is essential to adopting the Fitness Lifestyle. Find out how you can revolutionize your life with proper nutrition and fun exercise workouts that can be done at home, in the gym and even outdoors.

Go For It!

  • Establish a workout regimen that suits your lifestyle and caters to your needs and interests and your body type.
  • Gain knowledge of the major muscles in your body and how to sculpt and transform your physique successfully.
  • Become familiarized with simple and effective exercises and tools that you can use on your own to save time and money while developing the body you want.
  • Adopt behavior techniques towards improving your exercise adherence and empower yourself to implement positive lifestyle changes.
  • Set your own fitness goals and learn how to become your own “Drill Sergeant”!


“It’s amazing, people thank me all the time after their workout and they don’t realize the joy it brings to my heart knowing that I have played a role in helping them find their inner passion for exercise. Being a part of that breakthrough and witnessing the transformation of Mind, Body and Spirit, is extremely rewarding to me.” They are my Superstars!!! They had the Magic in them the whole time.


“I have been working out under Leyla’s supervision at our workplace for 7 years now and have seen dramatic results on the scale and on my body and energy level. Her level of enthusiasm, her dedication and skill have made exercise effective as well as fun. I have found that some of it is contagious simply by working out with, being trained by or spending time with Leyla. Her creativity and warm yet strong personality are other assets that make her so effective as a Health and Lifestyle Coach. Our routines are anything but routine and I look forward daily to seeing and working out with the lovely, personable Leyla.”

-Donna S.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit

Leyla Messiha

Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist

“Licensed” Zumba Instructor

Little Miss Fit